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idea VisualHarness   is our self-developed tool for visualizing and optimizing wire harness systems and EE-Architectures


Direct import of the circuitry data
(system schematics) from the CAD tool
into the VisualHarness tool

Visualization and automatic
routing of all connections within
the wire harness topology


Connections can be filtered by option
tables. Variants can be evaluated.
The variant option tables can be
imported and exported.


Quick results showing
details about bundle
diameters at any
selected location.

=> immediate overview
of critical areas for
packaging and routing



Quick results
showing details
of all the most
relevant key

- cutleads
- total wire length
- total wire weight



The key figures of different scenarios or concepts can be easily compared for making the best decision.


We have done real architecture optimization studies for major OEM with following results…


per car

per car